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Double Wrap watch straps:

Double Wrap watch straps consist of two pearl rows that are intertwined with a strong fine thread against two straps of leather. This model is wrapped an extra lap around the wrist. Double Wrap watchstraps are available in a size that fits all wrists.

Watch straps with Triple Wrap:

The Triple Wrap watchstrap has a narrower and longer strap that is wrapped two extra turns around the wrist. You can choose to place two turns on the same side of the clock or on each side of the clock. Triple Wrap watchstraps are available in two sizes “s / m” and “large”. Dimensions for what size is right for you can be found on each watch bracelet's product page.

Interchangeable watch straps

With a watch from Deevotion of Sweden on your wrist, you are always beautiful. The straps are available in many different styles and are suitable for all occasions. You quickly and easily change your own strap with a small tool that comes with the watch straps, which means that you are always ready for today's adventure, whether it be to the beach, the conference, the wedding or the shopping round. With an extra watch strap in your purse, you instantly turn your business clock into a party clock, before the evening's event. You can easily switch between a Wrap strap and a classic leather, mesh bracelet or NATO strap and vary with different colors in both types of straps/bracelets.

Replace watch straps

On the watch are lugs or “paws” with 2 resilient pins that hold the watch strap in place. A light pressure with the supplied tool loosens the pins. When you release the pins, you change strap and most easily put the pins back in by first pushing the pin into the bottom of one hole and then pressing the spring on the other side of the pin and fitting it into the other hole.