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Deevotion of Sweden women's watches in Wrap Collection have two types of watch straps, Double Wrap and Triple Wrap. Common to both is that they are wrapped around the wrist and give a unique jewelery character, as comfortable as beautiful to wear. Feel free to vary between the different straps to change the look. This is easy as all the straps quickly can be changed with a small tool that comes with the women's watches. The women's watches suits all occasions, whether it is for a nice event, a coffee in town or the business meeting. The pretty, feminine and stylish women's watches are available in rose gold and silver. With an extra bracelet in your handbag, you can immediately change to a new look, which means that you are always ready for your career, party or holiday.

Some watches are available as both Double Wrap and Triple Wrap, while others are only available in one version.

Double Wrap

The women's watches with Double Wrap straps are wrapped an extra lap around the wrist and consist of two rows of pearls and / or stones, depending on the model, which are intertwined with a strong fine thread against two straps of leather. The Double Wrap watches come in a size that fits all wrists.

Triple Wrap

The women's watches with Triple Wrap have a narrower and longer watchstrap that is wrapped two extra laps around the wrist and consists of a series of pearls and / or stones, depending on the model. You can choose to place two laps on the same side of the clock or on each side of the clock. The women's watches with Triple Wrap are available in two sizes “s / m” and “large”. Dimensions for what size is right for you can be found on each women's watch product page.