Why do you only sell women’s watches and not men’s watches as well?

When the Deevotion brand was started, the goal was to create a women’s watch with a jewelry character with interchangeable Wrap straps and matching accessory bracelets that were aimed primarily at women. Deevotion of Sweden continues the same spirit and direction, but many of our watches can of course also be worn by men if you prefer a slightly smaller watch size for men (the most common case sizes for men are 38-40 mm).

Are your women’s watches only available in one size?

Yes, the watch head on Deevotion of Sweden’s watches is only available in a case size of 35 mm. This counts as a medium size (28-38 mm are classic women’s sizes where the most common size is 36 mm and 28-32 mm are minimum sizes if you prefer small watch sizes). On the jewelry-like Wrap watch bracelets, it fits well with a not too small size to get balance in the entire creation with watch head and watch bracelet. To get an idea of ​​what the watch can look like on the arm, please visit our Lookbook. There are also pictures on the product page of most watches to illustrate just this with what the size of an arm looks like.

How to change a watch straps and is it difficult?

All watch straps from Deevotion of Sweden fit all our watches and are easy to change. With a few extra watch straps from Deevotion of Sweden in your handbag, you can quickly and easily change the watch strap yourself with the small tool that comes with orders for watches or watch straps. The watch has lugs or “paws” on each side with resilient pins that hold the watch strap in place. A light push with the included tool loosens the pins. When you have loosened the pins, change the strap and then put the pins back in the easiest way by first pushing the pin into the bottom on one side and then pushing in the suspension on the other side and fitting the pin into the hole on the other side. This only takes a few seconds when you have learned how to do it.

How do I know which size of watch strap is right for me?

The size of the wrist varies from person to person. A simple tip for measuring your wrist size is to place a string around the wrist on the arm you are wearing the watch and then measure the string (measure at the bottom of the wrist or where you prefer to wear the watch). Our Wrap watch bracelets with Double Wrap (which are wrapped an extra turn around the wrist) are available in a size that suits everyone. Triple Wrap (which is wrapped two extra turns around the wrist) is available in sizes S / M (small / medium) and L (large) and there you need to choose the size that suits you. S / M fits wrist size 12-15 cm and L fits wrist size 15-20 cm.

How do I adjust my mesh bracelet?

The mesh bracelet can be easily adjusted to the right size that suits you. You use the included tool as you by inserting it into the hole on the buckle and lifting the buckle – then you slide the buckle to the right position and snap it back.

Where are your products for materials and quality?

All our products are made from carefully selected materials with high quality. All watch straps and bracelets from Deevotion of Sweden are made of natural materials such as leather, pearls and plastic and are completely free of harmful substances. The watches are made of stainless steel which contains a very small amount of nickel (nickel is always present in small amounts in alloys such as stainless steel) but it is so tightly bound that it is not emitted and even if you are sensitive to nickel this is normally not something you get problem with. Our products at Deevotion of Sweden are delivered from partners who have been carefully selected to be able to ensure high quality of the products and that they have undergone thorough quality tests.

How often do I have to change the battery and how do I do it?

All watches from Deevotion of Sweden have a quartz movement with a battery in the form of a button cell. The service life varies depending on the external conditions the battery is exposed to in the form of moisture, heat etc. but normally it is estimated that a battery lasts for 2-4 years. When it’s time to change the battery, you do this either at a physical watch shop, the cost of a new battery and work to change varies, but about SEK 150 is an approximate estimate. There are also online services you can use to change the battery – batteribrev.com is an example of such a service.

What applies to any returns, exchanges, right of withdrawal and warranty?

We at Deevotion of Sweden want you to be happy with your product. If an item is incorrectly shipped or incorrectly manufactured, we are of course responsible for the return postage. Should you receive a defective or incorrectly delivered item, please contact us as soon as possible and we will help you solve the problem. You have the right to exchange in the form of an open purchase and can choose to return an item within 30 days of receiving the order. This right only applies provided that the product and its original packaging are returned in the same condition as when received, ie the product must not be used and the seal must not be broken on watches. If you exercise the right to open purchase to return an item, you must contact us to get an address to send the item to and a shipping note sent to you for the return.

You also have the right under the Consumer Protection Act to cancel your purchase up to 14 days after you received the product. We only accept returns that are unused and sent back in their original packaging in original condition with any labels and tags left and the sealing must not be broken on watches. If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must contact us via e-mail on the Contact tab. and send a clear and unambiguous message about your decision that you regret your purchase. We will then contact you for information regarding the return.

What about ordering and delivery?

When you order an item from Deevotion of Sweden, it is packed in our warehouse and sent to you. We cooperate with Postnord (for deliveries within Sweden) and Postnord / Ups for deliveries abroad. The normal delivery time is 1-3 working days from the day of ordering within Sweden. When your order has been packed and handed over to Postnord, you will receive a notification that the order has been sent and is on its way to you. When your order can be picked up at the delivery point, you will be notified of this via SMS, e-mail or via a notice, or it will be delivered directly to your mailbox. Our goal is to send all orders that we receive before 15.00 the same day, otherwise the next working day. Usually your order is with you the next weekday after the order day if the order has been placed before 3 pm on a weekday. Delivery times may vary depending on the place of residence due to the shipping companies’ shipping times. If a product is out of stock or if delivery takes place to remote locations, the delivery time may be longer. Deliveries outside Sweden to EU Countries and Countries outside EU can also delay the final delivery due to a customized process. Contact our customer service if you have a request about the status of your order via the contact form on the Contact tab.

What are your payment options?

Payment is made securely and smoothly via our payment partner Payson or with Swish. Payson offers payment by card, bank payment (direct payment) and invoice. Payson also offers partial payment on invoice. You can choose to divide your payment into 3, 6, 12 or 24 months and you will see what your monthly cost will be. If you choose this option, all your purchases are collected on a monthly invoice. It gives you a good overview and you only pay an avia fee. Read more about partial payment and about the different payment options and conditions at Payson here.

How long does it take before you respond if I contact your support?

We at Deevotion of Sweden place great value on our visitors and customers and therefore try to maintain as high a level of service as possible. Your message is therefore normally answered within 24 hours, regardless of whether it is a weekend or weekday – however, our intention and our goal is to respond to messages as soon as possible, even if the time frame is set at 24 hours. You can reach us most easily via the contact form on the Contact tab.


The team at Deevotion of Sweden